The Lich Must Die!

Ancient Ruins

So, should we be doing something about this?

So, we’re standing outside of visual range of these ruins, it’s late, it’s dark, and there is an unknown number of heliophiles inside.

My thought is to try and get closer, preferably without being seen. Main goals are:
a) Find out how many we’re dealing with.
b) Find out what their goals are.
c) Educate them, if possible without pissing off whatever ancient god insatiably resides at the bottom of the ruins.

Any one have any other ideas?


Agreed! I think a humorous, disarming distraction would be helpful. What this party needs is a Bard! It just so happens I have someone in mind.

Ancient Ruins

Meet Bree Elderflower Hornswoggle, Halfling Bard. Formerly with the Halfling Sheep Cavalry. Check her out on the media page. Don’t be fooled by the lance, she only carried it ceremonially and was a complete clutz with it. She was their trumpeter.
(Le sigh……what a pity I can’t play two characters – my perfect alter ego.)

Ancient Ruins

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