The Nameless Monk

I have no name...


Black Hair; Silver Eyes; Dull Black Scales

Level 4 Dragonborn Monk: 5,900 exp

Strength 17 +3 Proficient AC 17
Dexterity 18 +4 Proficient Max HP 38
Constitution 15 +2 Non-Proficient Current HP 25
Intelligence 14 +2 Non Proficient Proficiency Bonus +2
Wisdom 16 +3 Non Proficient Base Speed 40’
Charisma 15 +2 Non Proficient Initiative +4
Skill Stat Proficient? Misc Modifiers
Acrobatics Dex Y 0
Animal Handling Wis Y 0
Arcana Int N 0
Deception Cha N 0
History Int N 0
Insight Wis N 0
Intimidation Cha N 0
Investigation Int N 0
Medicine Wis N 0
Nature Int N 0
Perception Wis N 0
Performance Cha N 0
Persuasion Cha N 0
Religion Int N 0
Sleight of Hand Dex N 0
Stealth Dex Y 0
Survival Wis Y 0
Languages: Common, Draconic
Attack Bonus Damage Range Notes
unarmed +6 1d4+4 b reach
flurry +6 / +6 1d4+4 b/hit reach
Dragon Breath DC 12 2d6 acid 5′×30′ line 1/rest period
Kama +5 1d4+3 s reach Light
Dart +6 1d4 p 20’/60’ finesse; thrown
Feature/Trait Description
Draconic Ancestry Black Dragon
Breath Weapon DC = 8 + Con + Prof. Bonus
Damage Resistance Resist Acid (1/2 damage)
Rustic Hospitality Since you come from the ranks of the common folk, you fit in among them with ease. Vou can find a place to hide, rest, or recuperate among other commoners,
unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them. They will shield you from the law or anyone else searching for you, though they will not risk their lives for you.
Unarmored Defense AC = 10 + Dex + Wis while not wearing armor
Martial Arts (a) Use Dex instead of Str for attack and damage.
(b) d4 replaces normal damage die for unarmed and monk weapons.
© Attack action with unarmed or Monk weapons grants an extra unarmed attack.
Unarmored Movement +10’ movement in no armor
Ki Pool: 4 DC: 8 + Prof. Bon. + Wis = 13
(a) Flurry of Blows: After an Attack action, burn 1 Ki to execute two unarmed strikes as a bonus action.
(b) Patient Defense: Burn 1 Ki to execute a bonus Dodge action.
© Step of the Wind: Burn 1 Ki to execute a bonus Dash or Disengage action, and to double your jump distance.
Monastic Tradition Way of Shadow
(a) Spend 2 ki to cast Darkness, Darkvision, Pass Without Trace, or Silence
(b) Gain Minor Illusion as a cantrip
Deflect Missiles Use Reaction to reduce incoming damage by 1d10+Dex+Lv. If reduced to 0 or lower, you can make a free attack with it as a Monk weapon.
Slow Fall Use reaction to reduce Fall Damage by 5 points/Lv.
Feat Description
Observant +1 Wisdom
Read lips in languages I know
Gain +5 to passive Perception and Investigation
Tough Gain +2 HP/Lv
Ocarina(P) Kama Darts x10
Explorer’s Pack Woodcarvers’ Tools Shovel
Iron Pot Set of Common Clothes Belt Pouch
Holy Water Vials medallion ? Handwraps
20g 99s
Folk Hero I broke into a Tyrant’s castle and stole weapons to arm the people.
Personality I set my mind to something, and follow through no matter what. I misuse long words to sound smarter
Ideals Sincerity: No good pretending I’m something I’m not.
Bonds A proud noble once gave me a horrible beating. Fuck bullies.
Flaws The tyrant who rules my land will stop at nothing to see me dead.

I have no name. Scaly. The Nameless Monk. Argorok the Hero. These and more are misnomers that have been applied to me. But I have no name of my own.

I was left on the doorstep of a monastery before I can remember. I was taken in and raised there, only slowly learning of the world outside. But, even though I was treated no differently, I never felt at home with the humans who populated the monastery. Eventfully, I left, taking two things. First, an ocarina that I had carved while I resided there. And, second, a respect for the way of the natural world to restore balance.

My first foray into a city started well enough. Some people were uneasy at my appearance, but I soon found the populace generally imitable. It was a very pleasant experience until he. showed up. His Lordship, King Cole of Slaw, was being paraded down the main street by his servants. I could almost instantly feel the change in peoples demeanor, and heard mutters of discontent. The King spotted me, and ordered his lampreys to halt. He strode up to me and demanded to know what I was doing in his capital. Being as polite as I could, I began to explain where I had come from, but he instantly cut me off with a blow from his staff. He hit me several more times, and ordered me to leave the kingdom before he proceeded on his way.

Okay, I try not to get mad, or hold a grudge. But, fuck you, buddy. I learned from several people that this was not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, King Cole had a reputation for bestiality against his people. So, I hatched my revenge plot.

A week later, I broke into the castle, left insulting notes painted on the wall, and stole a large amount of weapons. The notes were all signed “Scaly” the dormitory nickname that he had used on me while hitting me. I handed out the weapons to a group that was trying to form a gorilla band to resist Cole’s tyranny. Before the sun set the next day, there were wanted posters strewn about the city, offering quite a bit of money for my life and/or capture.

So, I figured I’d better get lost, before my head did…

I showed up in King Piatra’s kingdom about two weeks later, where refugees hailed me as a hero of sorts. I dunno about that, I was just really amalgamated… Either way, King Piatra commended my efforts and recruited me for some mission or other. Something about his missing fleece? I think the move was largely political, because, for some reason, every town I go to, I’m met by a crowd of adoring people who want to thank me for my bravery.

Scandalously, what the Hell? I was just pissed off!

The Nameless Monk

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