The Lich Must Die!

Welcome to Nipada!

aka Our New Home Place

Nipada is a medium sized continent set all alone (as far as you know) on a (supposedly) flat planet.

The small continent manages to hold an chain of medium-large islands. These islands seem to defy all laws of space, time, seasons, etc. Meaning that one island might be tropical, while another is desert, and the following is tundra… YAY! There’s something for EVERYONE!

Unfortunately, the place where Kamenokyoryu makes his home/tomb is a microcosm of the larger continent itself. He has managed to create a tomb that is everywhere and someplace else at the same time. Though many adventuring parties have set out, few have returned, and none have returned without several scars, both physical and mental.

Everyone knows that the entryway to the tomb complex is somewhere on the island of Sylvia, a beautiful forest, mostly dominated by the fae… Come to think of it, they’ve been acting strangely for a while now…



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