The Lich Must Die!

A Message from your local villain



Perchance you thought that I was so feeble-minded that I’d share my abilities, skills, and equipment with you?


My information is my own… or you could always look me up on VillainBook… I have 62,004 “Enemies”… And I have met every. Single. One.

Good luck trying to kill me, half-wits.


Dear Local Villain,

Thank you for your letter the other day. It was quite refreshing to be able to hear from another so outgoing in their views. I think it is very nice of you to get to know your enemies so well, and, with so many of them, I must say I admire your dedication to do so.
I returned from visiting your family the other day, and I thought they were very nice people. Although I was surprised that your mother was as small as she was, and had much more hair, she was kind enough to share her sunflower seeds with me. Your father, though, between us, could really use a bath to eliminate the fermented berry smell.
I do look forward to our upcoming get-together. I’m bringing the punch, as promised. Have you the hors d’oeuvres yet?

Half-wit #3

A Message from your local villain

Okay, take the Karma point as well as the 100 XP!

You earned it. LOL

A Message from your local villain

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