The Lich Must Die!

1st Meeting - Day 1

…So you find yourself in (or very nearly in) Squirrel’s Bank.

At some point in the very recent past (days, not weeks), you were summoned before King Piatra and rewarded in some way for a recent (if small) service to the crown. As is usual across all dimensions, the reward for good work completed is to receive MORE work, generally more onerous work at that. You have been asked by the King’s Seneschal to remain available for a short period of time, as there are tasks that need completing in the area of Squirrel’s Bank. You have been provided with 100 silver to tide you over for the duration, with more cash available if you fulfill tasks for his majesty.

You, of course, have heard of the abduction of the lovely, talented, and charming Princess Breska, everyone in the kingdom knows about it, but the King has not officially tasked you with rescuing her. He has assigned that to others with far greater abilities than you currently possess. Still, so far there is no word on how things are going… In this case, no news is NOT good news.

Squirrel’s Bank is a small, generally quiet hamlet, where it is currently late summer, moving into autumn. There are several farms and orchards outside the town, and a small but bustling main street. There are merchants, an inn, a tavern, and a Mayor running things. The residents are primarily human, but not exclusively so. They don’t get a lot of visitors and the people are curious and generally unafraid of asking questions, though they keep quite a bit to themselves when the topic changes to themselves or the town as a whole. There is a location in town near the mayor’s residence with essentially “Help Wanted” notices, if you are interested in that. Please feel free to explore or role play prior to session with a description of what you character is doing, etc.

Bonus offered for backstory and character pictures… You may choose between 100 xp OR 1 Karma Point


…Oh, and by role play, I mean type up your own adventure log post… or reply to someone else’s. I don’t have “Ascendant” status, so the forum isn’t available for our use on this campaign.

1st Meeting - Day 1

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