The Lich Must Die!

Ancient Ruins
So, should we be doing something about this?

So, we’re standing outside of visual range of these ruins, it’s late, it’s dark, and there is an unknown number of heliophiles inside.

My thought is to try and get closer, preferably without being seen. Main goals are:
a) Find out how many we’re dealing with.
b) Find out what their goals are.
c) Educate them, if possible without pissing off whatever ancient god insatiably resides at the bottom of the ruins.

Any one have any other ideas?

The Bloody Eyes
First meeting with the ruffians

After meeting up in town, our wandering heroes go off in search of heads to bust. On the road out of town they see a small track and follow it into the woods where it diverges, taking the road more traveled. Upon seeing a handful of ruffians come over they hill, some hide and some stand or sit in plain sight. When the leader of this gang of toughs manhandles Kellen the gnome, offense is quickly taken and the ruffians “handled” with selective violence.

Upon interrogation of Grell, Donnie, and the other survivors of the attack, the band of new comrades is … cordially invited (?) to meet Jack, the leader of the Bloody Eyes. The half-orc and the dragonborn tie the survivors up and all are deciding what to do with them. After some close questioning, the bandits seemingly go catatonic after stating, “That’s all I have to say.”

Whatever will our heroes do next?


…The brother and sister tend the shrine, slowly regaining their equinamity…

…A group of bandits ransacks a ruin in the woods while searching for some unknown artifact…

…The Townleader sits in his office with a troubled frown on his face…

…Roland arrives at the Rabid Wolverine and takes a short nap in his room before an early dinner…

…A halfling wise-woman tends her garden, speaking quietly to herself and her cat.

…A den in the bank of stream is left abandoned for the forseable future…

See you in two weeks!

Strange Meetings in Squirrel's Bank
What's With the Purple Pig?

It was a long afternoon in the Bank…

… So, a cleric and a monk walk into a bar. Yeah, Diggle is cleaning up his pants after falling to the floor in terror after a 7’2" dragonborn knocked on his door. Although he feels marginally better knowing that his newly hired cleric with the big sword might be able to help him defend himself against the Bloody Eye Ruffians…

Meanwhile, a half-orc paladin, a gnome, and an elf ranger are walking and talking on their way to the estate of King Piatra to see his seneschal, although the orc has already been there once today, he is merely hoping for a paying job. The others are contemplating getting paid for past services rendered. However, all their minds are currently filled with varying degrees of curiosity and wonderment at the idea of enormous squirrels in the area… Naturally, this is par for the course with the gnome who doesn’t seem the least bit phased by the idea…

…In his lair the lich continues to weave his plans…

…Somewhere just outside of town some members of a local gang, commonly called the Bloody Eyes ready themselves for a night on the town, laughing raucously.

…A short man in a cowl kneels by a stream, brushing away squirrel tracks as he prays silently to his god for the protection of his people, and hopes for a hero.

…A druid in a ruin turns himself into a tree, narrowly avoiding unnatural creatures and wonders how he will cleanse his home of their stink.

…A dwarf in chainmail gets his wagon ready and hopes that his advertisement for (a) guard(s) will be fruitful as he finishes up, calls for his companion and prepares to head back to the Rabid Wolverine for an early dinner.

…A Sister and Brother, monks of the god Tokumei no, stumble back to the town shrine and each throw 5 copper coins into the well, thankful for their lives after the attack they experienced only a few minutes before.

…A princess in an enchanted tower on a distant island shivers and mumbles in her sleep.

Basically, it’s an only slightly weirder than normal day in the (mostly) quiet town of Squirrel’s Bank in the land of Nipada.

See you next week!

1st Meeting - Day 1

…So you find yourself in (or very nearly in) Squirrel’s Bank.

At some point in the very recent past (days, not weeks), you were summoned before King Piatra and rewarded in some way for a recent (if small) service to the crown. As is usual across all dimensions, the reward for good work completed is to receive MORE work, generally more onerous work at that. You have been asked by the King’s Seneschal to remain available for a short period of time, as there are tasks that need completing in the area of Squirrel’s Bank. You have been provided with 100 silver to tide you over for the duration, with more cash available if you fulfill tasks for his majesty.

You, of course, have heard of the abduction of the lovely, talented, and charming Princess Breska, everyone in the kingdom knows about it, but the King has not officially tasked you with rescuing her. He has assigned that to others with far greater abilities than you currently possess. Still, so far there is no word on how things are going… In this case, no news is NOT good news.

Squirrel’s Bank is a small, generally quiet hamlet, where it is currently late summer, moving into autumn. There are several farms and orchards outside the town, and a small but bustling main street. There are merchants, an inn, a tavern, and a Mayor running things. The residents are primarily human, but not exclusively so. They don’t get a lot of visitors and the people are curious and generally unafraid of asking questions, though they keep quite a bit to themselves when the topic changes to themselves or the town as a whole. There is a location in town near the mayor’s residence with essentially “Help Wanted” notices, if you are interested in that. Please feel free to explore or role play prior to session with a description of what you character is doing, etc.

Bonus offered for backstory and character pictures… You may choose between 100 xp OR 1 Karma Point

A Message from your local villain


Perchance you thought that I was so feeble-minded that I’d share my abilities, skills, and equipment with you?


My information is my own… or you could always look me up on VillainBook… I have 62,004 “Enemies”… And I have met every. Single. One.

Good luck trying to kill me, half-wits.

Welcome to Nipada!
aka Our New Home Place

Nipada is a medium sized continent set all alone (as far as you know) on a (supposedly) flat planet.

The small continent manages to hold an chain of medium-large islands. These islands seem to defy all laws of space, time, seasons, etc. Meaning that one island might be tropical, while another is desert, and the following is tundra… YAY! There’s something for EVERYONE!

Unfortunately, the place where Kamenokyoryu makes his home/tomb is a microcosm of the larger continent itself. He has managed to create a tomb that is everywhere and someplace else at the same time. Though many adventuring parties have set out, few have returned, and none have returned without several scars, both physical and mental.

Everyone knows that the entryway to the tomb complex is somewhere on the island of Sylvia, a beautiful forest, mostly dominated by the fae… Come to think of it, they’ve been acting strangely for a while now…

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